Private Therapy

Do you want help to move in the right direction?

Emelie Albertsson 
Facilitator within personal development

I work with a therapy called Somatic Experiencing® (SE), which means that most of my work is done with bottom-up methods. Together, we explore sensations and behavior, both by noticing what is happening in the body and also by using touch to contain the experience.
The practice allows us to do the following:

Build on exisiting resources 

When using SE, the client is asked to build upon and strengthen what is already working well. When using what is already available, the results become more long lasting. 

Process unwanted patterns 

In SE, we break down patterns for the purpose of being able to stop patterns that are no longer beneficial. This puts focus on the areas where more work is needed.  

Get a Free Self-Therapy Guide

My colleague, Peppi, and I have created a self-therapy guide that you can use for free. We want The Companion to become a go-to-guide when you want to feel better. It can be seen as a “therapist”, as a meditation-guide, or as a way to guide yourself towards a more fulfilling life.