Company Programs

Client: Raoul Wallenberg Academy

Bootcamp for Social Entrepreneurs


We facilitated the program Bootcamp for Social Entrepreneurs, a collaboration between Raoul Wallenberg Academy och Ashoka. During three weekends, we trained the participants in self leadership.

“Åsa and Emelie have the ability to involve the participants in a way that creates a athmosphere in the group that lives on even after the training sessions. In addition to their skills and ability to facilitate, they are both engaging and inspiring partners.”

– Lisa Gawell, Responsible for Education, Raoul Wallenberg Academy

Participants at Bootcamp for Social Entrepreneurs 

“You rock – you complement each other and you are really spreading energy”

“Big eloge to Emelie and Åsa for the energy and engagement they are giving us”

“The workshop leaders were knowledgeable, well prepared and engaged. Simply good :)”

“The interplay between participants and facilitators created interesting discussions.”

Client: IBM Sweden, Marketing and Communications team

Employer Wellbeing Seminar

We had the pleasure to facilitate a seminar with the theme self leadership and personal wellbeing for a team at IBM, Sweden. Along with exploring personal values, we also explored ways of developing the relationships between the colleagues.

“5/5 Really cool to during such a short while get to know myself and my colleagues in a whole new way.”

“Strongly recommended, good opportunity for reflection and to stop for a while to think about things that have an impact on me and my surroundings."

“5/5 To be able to create sustainable change it has to be grounded in personal values. Very good opportunity to learn about myself and the group.”

“Emelie and Åsa have a pedagogical appearance, which makes relevant research and theory relatable and easily accessible. With personal examples and new ways to talk with each other, we got the opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level. They were really good at encouraging rewarding discussions, which created engagement and a hunger to learn more. As a participant you feel securely guided through the sometimes intense and emotional process that self-leadership improvement implies.”

– Susanna Salwén, Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs Manager, IBM Sverige

Personal Development Programs

As the field of research progresses, I adapt my practices. I want to use what is proven to be effective.
In recent years, more people want to understand health through the practice of body awareness and human biology.
Therefore, I combine SE with top-down methods for lectures and coaching. For this, I get most of my inspiration from
psychological research and self-leadership practices.

1. What topics you would like in your program?

Here are some alternative topics that we can explore during the seminars.

2. How do you want to explore each topic?

Short seminars (1-2 h)
Full-day seminars (4-8 h)
Seminar series (2-4 days)

3. Make the results last longer!

Add more aspects to your program so the participants can explore topics from
different perspectives. This will make the results last longer.


Aurona uses seminars to give the participants an overview of the material. To increase the relevance, all seminars are interactive. 


The participants get to experince a trauma-oriented therapy, which helps the participants to strengthen their autonomic nervous systems. 

Group discussions

The participants also meet each other to learn. This increases the number of sources from which they get support, which cultivates their development.