Are your decisions making you happy?

Are your decisions making you happy?

Many of us are chasing a life full of meaning and happiness. 
It would be silly to aim for the opposite… but what about somewhere in between?

If you can be okay with what you have right now, your life of prosperity starts right away. 
So why not start with the practice of being happy with what you have?

Is it really that simple? 
What if I am not happy with what I have?

Happiness is something we can practice.
We can become more aware of what we value and what we can live without. 
We can make decisions that are in line with our well-being. 
We can strengthen our ability to feel and sense security and mindfulness in our bodies.

If we do this, all of the above will become more frequent in our lives and
chances are that happiness and meaningfulness will come along as well.