Meet people and be more confident

Meet people and be more confident

You can master your social skills by having one piece of knowledge that most other people don’t have. 
This piece of knowledge consists of human biology and our basic needs and wishes. 

To feel more secure in the meeting with other people, it helps if we are able put words to what is happening.
This is something that will create a sense of security for the people around you as well. 
The feeling of being safe is contagious. 

People often consider it difficult to understand other people and, of course, we are relatively complex beings.
As a therapist, I will give you some guidelines for how you can get a grip of the people around you, 
what you can do with the information and how this will affect the situation.

Seminar includes exploration within the following areas

Understand your nervous system 

What do we do to defend ourselves?

What can you do to help the situation?