Don’t let stress take over your life

Don’t let stress take over your life

Many of us suffer from “symptoms of stress”.
If we don’t have “the problem” ourselves, we know someone who has “it”.

How many of us go one full day without the feeling of being stressed?
How many of us have already “hit the wall” and are on the way into it again? 
Look around! What do you see? 

We talk about stress as something that is part of everyday life. 
It is difficult to find a way to break out of this, but there is still hope.
I want to encourage each and every one of us to take charge over our lives.

I will help you find a path away from the unhealthy parts of your life. 
One step at a time.

Seminar includes exploration within the following areas

What is relevant from our past?

Where are you right now?

How do I become more resilient?