The Companion is
a free self-therapy guide.

Let it become your go-to when you want to feel better.

What Is It?

We want The Companion to become a go-to-guide when you want to feel better. It can be seen as a “therapist”, as a meditation-guide, or as a way to guide yourself towards a more fulfilling life.

The exercises are mainly based on a therapy method called Somatic Experiencing® (SE). Originally, SE was created as a trauma-oriented therapy. In The Companion, we have taken the same perspectives and turned them into a guide for “lighter issues”. We focus on the “everyday-problems” and what you can do to alleviate them. If you have more complex problems, we recommend you to contact a therapist instead of using The Companion.




Every sheet is designed to add another building block to your health-journey. As you improve your self-care, chances are you might also feel more satisfied with life.

Visuals & Outline

The Companion should be easy to digest. The outline and the images are designed to help you better understand the message and to include some playfulness.



Creation of Exercises

All the exercises are based on therapeutic practices. Some of them have been simplified to enable self-care. Others have been extended as there is no time limit.


The Companion is really made for YOU. We want to make it as useful as possible. Share your thoughts and ideas, and it could help us improve the upcoming versions.

Sheets Included in The Companion

Recognize Small Activations

Sometimes it feels like emotions and triggers can take over and start controlling your life In the long run, you might even start to loose hope
that things will change This is the time when you can zoom out and focus on only a small part that is possible to overcome.

Recognize Your Body

How often do you ask yourself questions like “What is it like to be me right now?” and “Can I be fully okay with the current situation?” The exercise below are designed to give insight into those questions With more insight, you can increase your awareness of your mental and physical state.

Recognize Comfort

By creating a sense of security you are building a foundation for your body to take care of itself Many of us are longing for more security and this sheet has the purpose of helping you find opportunities to take breaks and create comfort and safety for yourself.

Observe Your Responses

The body can remember threats and hold on to your automatic responses even if they are no longer needed By observing your reactions to triggers, you can learn about your fight, flight and freeze responses Use the steps below to inform your body that the responses are no longer needed.

Shift Your Focus

This sheet helps you feel the difference between things that are going on simultaneously in your body This is useful in situations where you feel
overwhelmed By focusing on neutral or pleasant parts of your body, the alarm system shuts off and you can think more clearly again.

Improve Your Networks

With useful pathways in your brain, you are building strong networks that can help you act in a way you want Make use of kind people around you People who make you feel safe might be one of the best sources for staying in touch with the three principles.

How Do You Get It?

To get The Companion, you send an email to and you will receive it as an attachment without any cost. At the moment, it is only available in English.

If you want to know more about The Companion or SE, you can buy sessions with Emelie. We recommend you to take a session early on, as it ensures that you get on the right track from the beginning and that you can get as much as possible out of The Companion. Emelie speaks fluent Swedish and English.

The Focus of a Session


Get you started with an introduction 


Discussions about how you can integrate the take-aways in your everyday life


Practice the exercises together with Emelie


Provide you with a good understanding for the timing of the work

Personal Tips

Dialogue about how you can use it routinely


Give you insight into the ideas and concepts behind some of the exercises

Maximizing Value

Tips on how to get as much value as possible


A chance to ask questions about your own journey

The Duo

Peppi Laine


Peppi is a fantastic artist to work with. She puts life and personality into her work. The art quickly puts you on an exploration about your own health that is filled with curiousity. With respect for the world of trauma, Peppi manages to add inspiration and playfulness into a place where it might be needed the most.

Emelie Albertsson

Founder, Therapist

Emelie has a passion for the world of health and recovery. With this project, she wants to contribute to the work that everyone can do by themselves. Her passion comes from helping and seeing development in others. She focuses on the small changes that can have large effects, both with her clients and in her own life.